Activate Audials with licence key

Product activation must be performed once you have purchased and downloaded the software online and received your licence information by e-mail.

Before you start

Find the email that contains your licence key.

Step-by-step: Activate Audials with licence key


  1. Launch the version of Audials you wish to activate.
    Important: Make sure you open the version of Audials for which your license key is valid. For example, open Audials 2021 to activate Audials 2021.
  2. Open the settings.
  3. Stay on the General.Under Product Activation, the name of the installed product is displayed with the addition Demo.
  4. Click on Enter license....
  5. Enter your license key.Tip: The easiest way to do this is to copy and paste from your purchase email.
  6. Click Activate.

Under Product Activation, you should now see your product name, without the addition of Demo, and with a serial number in brackets.
Important: Please keep all license information in a safe place. We recommend that you print it out and keep it with other important documents.

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