Telephone activation

For some time now, Microsoft has been experiencing problems with product activation and the following message appears during telephone activation:




Fortunately, there is still the Self Service, where you can activate via the website and we provide you with the instructions for this. If the activation via the Internet fails, then go back and select the telephone activation. The following window appears:




Go to the Office product activation page


Don't be irritated by the message and just look at the installation ID in point 2. There you will find several blocks with 6 or 7 digits. So take a quick count of how many digits a block has and then click on the field for 6 or 7 digits in Self Service.




Now a new window opens and you enter your installation ID there. Then click on the small arrow on the right and the activation begins.



You will then be asked for the number of units. Enter the number "0" there.


You will then receive the confirmation ID, which you enter during the telephone activation window of your software.



If, contrary to expectations, problems should arise, please contact us at +49 3221 2292585.

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