Adobe Photoshop Lightroom - Technical questions

Does Lightroom support RAW files?

Yes, Lightroom supports all RAW file types supported by Lightroom Classic and Adobe Camera Raw.

Your original RAW files are backed up in full resolution in the Cloud.

Can I create multiple catalogues in Lightroom?

No. Your Adobe ID is the key to all your photos stored in the Photo Cloud.

Where will my photos be stored? Can I store them locally on my computer?

Lightroom manages your photos for you so they don't take up all the space on your hard drive. This allows you to keep and work with many photos, even if there isn't enough space for all of them on your hard drive.

Basically, you can view all your photos in Lightroom, even if the original file is not stored on your hard drive. If you are working with a photo and the original is not already on your computer, Lightroom will automatically load it from the Cloud.

You can also optionally set Lightroom to keep all original files on your computer's hard drive in addition to backing them up to the Cloud. Proceed as follows if you want certain images to remain available locally:

  • In the Square Grid view () click the synchronisation icon in the lower right corner of the thumbnail.

    Original lokal speichern
  •  Activate the option Save original locally in the pop-up menu that appears.

In the settings for the local storage location you can optionally adjust how much storage space Lightroom is allowed to use. By setting the slider for the planned use of available storage space to the desired amount, you can determine how much hard disk space is available for Lightroom.


Can I only back up selected photos to the Cloud?

No, Lightroom backs up all your photos to the Cloud.

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