Entering the Product Key using the Exchange Management Console

1. In EAC, navigate to "Server Server", select the desired server and then perform one of the following actions:

  • Click Edit icon Bearbeiten Symbol Bearbeiten.
  •  In the details pane, click on "Enter Product Key". Please note that this link is only available for unlicensed servers.


2. Open the Exchange Server Properties window and do one of the following on the General tab:

  • To license an unlicensed server, enter the product key in the "Enter valid product key" text boxes.


  •  If you want to change or update the product key on an already licensed server, select "Change Product Key" and enter the new product key in the text fields "Enter valid product key". Please note that "Change Product Key" is only displayed if the server is already licensed.


After you have completed the process, click on "Save".


To restart the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service after licensing a mailbox server, please follow the steps below:


1. To open the Windows Service Console on the Exchange server:

  • You can open the Windows Service Console on the Exchange server by entering the services.msc  command in the Run dialog box, at a command prompt, or in the Exchange Management Shell.
  • Open the Server Manager and then click on "Tools" and "Services".

2. In the list of services, search for "Microsoft Exchange Information Store", right-click on it and select "Restart".


To enter the product key using the Exchange Management Shell, proceed as follows:

Enter the Product Key into the Exchange Management Shell by using the following syntax:

Set-ExchangeServer <ServerName> -ProductKey <ProductKey>

Please note that this command is used to either license an unlicensed server or upgrade a licensed server from a Standard Edition license to an Enterprise Edition license.

In the following example, the Exchange server named Mailbox01 is licensed.

Set-ExchangeServer Mailbox01 -ProductKey 12345-12345-12345-12345-12345

For more information on the syntax and parameters of the command, please visit the Set-ExchangeServer page.

After you have licensed a mailbox server, run the following command in the Exchange Management Shell to restart the Microsoft Exchange Information Store Service:

Restart-Service MSExchangeIS

How can you verify that the procedure was performed successfully?

To verify that you have successfully licensed the Exchange server, do one of the following:

  • Open the Exchange Management Console > Go to Servers > Select the licensed server > In the details pane, check that the Exchange edition value (Standard or Enterprise) and the "Licensed" value are present.


  • Use the following command in the Exchange management shell to check the property values, replacing ServerName> with the name of the Exchange server you have licensed:
Get-ExchangeServer <ServerName> | Format-List Name,Edition,*Trial*
  • In the Exchange Management Shell, you can run the following command to view the licensing status of all Exchange servers in your organisation:
Get-ExchangeServer | Format-Table -Auto Name,Edition,*Trial*
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