How To Install Nitro Pro

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to install Nitro Pro on your computer:

  • First, navigate in your web-browser to the following website to download the latest build of Nitro Pro:


  • Once the download is complete, head over to the download location folder and double-click on the EXE file to get started.


  • On the first screen, you will be asked what is your preferred language from the drop-down list.  This is also the area where you would choose the folder to install Nitro Pro:

User-added image

  • On the same initial screen, you also have an Advanced option to preset Nitro Pro as the default PDF handler, and to install the various plug-ins into Internet Explorer and MS Office:

User-added image

  • Next, you will be brought to the install screen.  Depending on your system's security, you may be asked if Nitro Pro is a safe program.  Press "Yes" or "OK" to continue with the installation.  You should then see the the first Status Message (photo 1) for the installation status and then the second status screen (photo 2) after installation to "Launch Nitro":

User-added image 
User-added image

  • Once "Launch Nitro" is selected, the program will start with a Welcome Message and either show a status of Trial Mode or Expired Trial (depending on if you have signed up for a free trial on this computer previously):

User-added image


  • After Nitro Pro starts up, you can either use it as a PDF viewer (in Expired Trial mode) or you can activate the software with your serial key to utilize all of Nitro Pro's features. 

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