How to deactivate Nitro Pro

Product deactivation is an important process which is required in several scenarios. The most common being; replacement of a faulty hard-drive, upgrading to a new operating system, and transferring your license to another PC. 

How to deactivate your license (automatically) 

If you have installed Nitro Pro on a computer currently connected to the Internet, you can deactivate quickly via these steps: 

Open Nitro Pro > Click the Help tab > About Nitro Pro > Deactivate
(These steps will differ slightly in older builds of Nitro Pro)

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How to deactivate your license (manually) 

This is useful for computers that are not connected to the Internet, or have restrictive firewalls.

On computer 1

Open Nitro Pro > Click on the Help tab > About Nitro ProDeactivate
At this point, if no internet connection is found, you will be taken to the 'Deactivate Manually' screen.

Click Next (Step 1 of 3) > Copy the entire deactivation certificate (Step 2 of 3) > Next

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 On computer 2

Move to an Internet-enabled computer > Go this this link 'Deactivate Nitro' > Enter your deactivation certificate > Click Deactivate License

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How to perform deactivation on multiple machines (command line)

Nitro Pro has the option to deactivate the program via command line. This allows you to deactivate Nitro via a script in Windows Powershell, which can be pushed out to multiple machines on a network.

  1. Go to Start > search for cmd.exe > right-click > Run as administrator
  2. Enter the path for 'ControlActivation.exe' located in your installation folder of Nitro Pro, followed by the switch "-d", then your serial number. Eg. "C:\Program Files\Nitro\Pro 11\ControlActivation.exe" -d 234xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Note you can make a batch file by typing the command into Notepad and save the file-type as .bat if you want to incorporate it into a custom script.

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