How do I create a screenshot with Windows?

This does not even require any other programmes that have to be downloaded and installed somewhere. Windows itself has programmes such as the "Snipping Tool". Alternatively, screenshots can also be provided with symbols and other coloured markings using tools such as "Paint".


How to take a normal screenshot under Windows 10

If you want to take a screenshot of the current screen content, press the key combination "Windows key + Print".


The image is now saved in the clipboard and can be pasted from there into a programme such as "Paint".

To do this, press the key combination "Ctrl + V".“.


If you use several monitors, a complete large image of all screens is created.

Alternatively, to take a screenshot of the current active window, press the key combination "Alt+Print". Again, the screenshot can be pasted into any programme with "Ctrl + V".

How to take a screenshot with the Snipping Tool

The Snipping Tool is an on-board Windows tool. If you want to take a screenshot quickly, it is best to call up the small programme in the Start menu by entering its name. After the tool has started, you can mark the area to be displayed in the screenshot with the mouse pointer. This is particularly advantageous if you only want to show individual small areas.

After creating the screenshot, functions such as a highlighter, pen and eraser are available. Furthermore, the screenshot can also be saved or sent directly by e-mail with just one mouse click. Try it out for yourself.

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