Trusted Shops - Change rating


I. Change of rating, if you already have a Trusted Shops account

II. rating change, if you do not have a Trusted Shops account

III. rating change no longer possible?

Here you will find step-by-step instructions on how to change your rating in a simple and uncomplicated way.

I. Change rating if you already have a Trusted Shops account:


1. Copy the following link into your browser line: or click here to skip the second point and go directly to the Trusted Shops login portal.

2. Enter the email address you used when placing your order with Blitzhandel24, enter your Trusted Shops password and click on "Login".


3. After you have successfully logged in, click on the tab on the left on "My orders". You will now see an overview of your orders that have been processed with Trusted Shops Buyer Protection.

4. Navigate with your mouse pointer to the column Rating and click on the symbol with the pencil.

5. Now you can change the rating, e.g. by changing the number of stars and/or the comment. Then confirm the change by clicking on "Change rating".

II. Changing a rating if you do not have a Trusted Shops account

Did you submit the rating directly via an e-mail in your e-mail inbox? Then you probably did not create a Trusted Shops account.

1. In order to change your rating, you must click on "Forgotten password?" in the login portal and then enter the e-mail address you used when placing the order.
2. After entering your e-mail address, click on "Request link" and you will receive instructions on how to create a password in a separate e-mail.

3. In your mailbox you will find an email to change your password, click on "Change password now".

4. As a result of your new password, you will be automatically logged in and will find yourself in your Trusted Shops account. You can now continue with point I./4. for changing the rating for existing accounts.


III. Rating change no longer possible?

You have the possibility to change your ratings in the customer area for a limited time. A rating can still be changed if a "pencil" is displayed next to the rating score.

If you would like to change a rating that can no longer be changed in your customer area, please send us an e-mail at

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