I have received a payment reminder despite having paid the invoice.

Have you received a payment reminder from us despite having paid or returned your invoice?

Our first email to you is just a reminder that the payment deadline is coming up.

If you didn't need it, or you've already paid or posted your return, please ignore it. We just wanted to make sure that you don't receive a reminder.

It may happen that the payment reminder overlaps with the confirmation of your payment or return.

Please check the following:

1. you have returned something?

Please give us 14 days to check and credit your return. After that you will receive an email confirmation from us that everything is done.

2. you have already transferred the money?

It can take about 5 working days to allocate your transfer.

As soon as your payment has been completed, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

3. have you entered the order number as the reason for payment?

To ensure that your payment can be allocated quickly, please always use the order number as the reason for payment.
If you have not entered the order number, please give us 2 working days to check your payment. We will process your payment within this time.

Payments cannot be properly assigned to your open invoice if neither the reason for payment nor the account holder match the order data.

In this case, please send us the bank transfer receipt by e-mail to finance@blitzhandel24.de. After you have sent your request, our finance department will take care of your case immediately.

4. did you transfer for several orders together?

Please always transfer for each order separately, so that we can allocate your payment. If you transfer for several orders together, it can happen that the payment cannot be assigned automatically. This means that the payment has to be allocated manually and this can take up to 5 days.

Not sure what your outstanding balance is?

Please contact us by mail at shop@blitzhandel24.de .

You could not transfer the open invoice amount yet?

No problem - please use the bank details below and your order number as reason for payment.
You do not need to announce your payment, as it will be assigned automatically.

Our bank details for SEPA bank transfers:

Payee: Blitzhandel24 GmbH
Reason for payment (corresponds to reference number): Order number
IBAN: DE77100100100854086106

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